Interview With The Bat

Margeret and Carmen

Mindy Myotis

Hear the Interview

With the help of two perceptive bat biologists, two talented voice actors and a clever audio engineer, school children can now listen to a cave myotis bat answering questions about herself.  The interview is about ten minutes long and covers questions from "How big are you?" to "Why do you only fly at night?" and "Do you bite?"

Ronnie Sidner, Ph.D., Bat Biologist, Mammalogist and Debbie C. Buecher, M.S. Wildlife Biologist, are the scientists behind the questions and the script lending science and substance to the interview.  Friends Executive Director, Lynn Perez-Hewitt, invited them to think about what fourth grade students need and want to know about the bats that live at Kartchner caverns. 

Once the script was developed the voice-acting mother and daughter team of Margaret Eriksson and Carmen Ojeda were invited to play the interviewer and the myotis velifer, Mindy Myotis.  With the skills of Barn Jazz Music Productions,, and audio engineer Jim Hewitt the downloadable interview was produced.

The voice of Mindy Myotis is supplied by Margaret Eriksson, a voice actor and Canadian environmental lawyer, administrative law judge for environmental and forestry appeals, and former adjunct law professor.  Tragically Margaret passed away in December 2010.  We are proud that her passion for the environment and for learning lives on in this wonderful interview.

The voice asking questions of Mindy belongs to young Carmen Ojeda, a student at St. Michaels in Tucson, Arizona. She loves animals, the outdoors, science, math and reading. She also enjoys ballet, singing and acting. She has performed in several musical theatre productions with Live Theatre Workshop and Missoula Children’s Theatre, and has also studied acting at Dearing Studios in Phoenix.

Arizona State Park staff as well as cave discoverer Gary Tenen has approved the interview. 

In the works is an inverview with the cave itself. Hear Kartchner Caverns talking about how it was formed, and how it feels about having humans passing through.