Kartchner Caverns is a teachable moment

A visit to Kartchner Caverns opens young minds to science through true adventure.

Students ask, "Why are there all these colors?  Why can’t I touch anything? Why is water so important? How did Gary and Randy keep their secret for many years?  How old is the cave?  Will I see a bat?"

Free Science Curriculum for Teachers
In 2003, Friends, in cooperation with Arizona State Parks, created a science curriculum for children in kindergarten through sixth grade. A free CD of this curriculum was distributed to every elementary and middle school in Arizona.  Each activity includes the approximate age for which it was designed, a listing of the lesson's objectives, reproducible pages, materials' list, glossary of terms, cross-referencing, and other useful information that will assist teachers in dynamically presenting the curriculum. Additional copies of the curriculum are available to schools upon request or for download by clicking here.

Explore Planet Earth Program
The Explore Planet Earth Program, started in 2007 and provides a combination in-class and on-park field trip for low-income fourth graders in Cochise, Santa Cruz and Pima Counties.  Students who have the opportunity to experience Kartchner Caverns have a notion of science in real life, as well as exploration and preservation. In turn they will also have a greater understanding of the State of Arizona’s Education Department fourth grade mandated science concepts.

The in-class curriculum, combined with a visit to Kartchner Caverns, provides an opportunity for students who might otherwise not visit this magnificent Arizona landmark due to limited financial resources both for the student and the schools.  In addition to offering students the opportunity to visit the Caverns, The Elementary School Science Program enhances the opportunity for science education through a hands-on experience.