A Tribute to Dorothy H. Finley

Founding Board Member Dorothy Finley, Finley Distributing was recently advanced from active service to Honorary Board Member of The Friends of Kartchner Caverns State Parks.

 Dorothy was not only instrumental in the creation of our organization, our continued successes in conservation and education were in part a result her dedication, influence, tenacity and generosity.  Dorothy’s accolades in community service are too numerous to mention.  As a former teacher with childhood roots very close to the cave in Cochise County her interests in founding our organization and establishing our mission statement were obvious.    

We have had the pleasure of serving with Dorothy, some of us since the creation of our board.  She has been an inspiration, a great mentor and idol of ours for many years.  Her dedication, active participation, wit and humor are sincerely missed at our board meetings.


A Tribute to John O. Whiteman


Founding Board Member John O. Whiteman, Empire Southwest, has been recommended for advancement to Honorary Board Member of The Friends of Kartchner Caverns State Parks.

John was instrumental in the early success of our organization and our achievement of influence as a serious preservation and conservation organization.  Through his later work through the Whiteman Foundation John has maintained his role as a community leader in philanthropy and a champion of children’s issues. 

Many of the original board members recall John’s leadership through both gifts and friendships during the early years of development of Kartchner Caverns before the 1999 grand opening.  As the organization matures and faces different challenges the board is pleased to remember and honor our roots and recommend John O. Whiteman to be a member of the Honorary Board of Friends of Kartchner Caverns State Park. 

Honorary Board Member

  • Bob Cashdollar
  • Nell Evans
  • Dorothy H. Finley
  • Bob Logan
  • Rafael Payan
  • Jim Ronstadt
  • Ericha Scott-Tufts, PhD
  • Gary Tenen
  • John O. Whiteman
  • James T. Kolbe
  • Senator John McCain
  • Governor Rose Mofford